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Front Crowns

First 2 pictures are "before" of front teeth that patient did not like due to staining of old fillings and color. Last two are "After" of 4 new ceramic crowns.

Pre & Post Veneers

This patient had two crowns on the front that were lighter than his other teeth. After trying whitening first, he still was not pleased with the darker teeth. He insisted on keeping the front crowns, so we made veneers on the adjacent teeth and the patient was very pleased.

Maybe one day he will allow me to change the older front crowns, as the new ceramic materials look more natural.

Pre & Post Invisalign

This Invisalign case took about 3 months to improve the front deep overbite and some angled teeth. Minimal bonding was utilized to complete the case.

Mini Implants are a great option

This patient had a lower denture that had poor retention and stability.

Four mini implants were placed and attachments used on the existing denture to give it stability. A great option if adequate bone and conventional implant option is too costly.

Before & After Lower Bridge Implant

This patient had to have the four lower teeth extracted due to periodontal disease. The case was restored with two implants and an implant supported fixed bridge. Pink porcelain was utilized to diminish the look of long teeth due to the previous dental bone loss.

Implant Supported Fixed Bridge

This patient had a previous fixed bridge and the anchor teeth had to be extracted. She was restored with 4 implants and an implant supported fixed bridge.

Before and After Full Arch Dental Implants

With 6 implants we restored these patients upper teeth with teeth that are " Fixed" and not removable like his previous denture that he was not happy with.

One-Visit Ceramic Restorations

This patient had a large "silver" amalgam restoration with decay. In a single one-hour visit we were able to restore the tooth with a ceramic restoration that is conservative and will last many years.

Advanced Cavity Detection

Ever wonder if that stain on your tooth is a cavity or just a stain? This device using a laser to rate the amount of demineralization and anything that shows up red is a true cavity. Another useful tool that we have at our office.
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